When you are searching within a 100,000 acres or 144 sq mile radius,
where there are only 5 paved roads, few street address, & dirt roads that twist and turn, and seemingly reach for miles -- it can be a bit overwhelming.

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Morning Sky

Spirit Real Estate LC started here in 2005 and is lucky enough to live here year round, . It took a while to explore, locate and understand the valley. That's why we'd love to share our experiences with you. Call us or email anytime, we're always happy to help and/or answer questions.


 Eileen Anderson
Phone: 435-828-8824
Email: stretch@easilink.com

It seems we always come home. Heber City, Utah was a great place to grow up. Now, a few more folks live there than when I was small, so I just continued up the hill and found a place on the mountain.  My background includes an academic scholarship paving the way to Brigham Young University; trained in automation and administration by Los Angeles law firms; hands-on experience in ranching, real estate development, booking keeping, project management and peripheral knowledge in oil wells. Well, all that tied in quite well with recreational real estate.