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Strawberry Ranch Mountain Resort is an optimal opportunity for the forward-thinking Buyer.  Imagine the thrill of owning a cabin on Strawberry Ranch Mountain Resort.  It is the only large private land tract approved for development in this pristine area.  The original investor / buyer will have first choice to purchase their dream property.  Cabin prices will range from $210,000 (700 sq ft) to $731,000 (3900 sq ft) and will be built by the resort.

Ground breaking will begin Autumn of 2017 for Phase 1a.  Upon completion of the infrastructure, cabin building will rise to the sky!  The first cabins in Phase 1a are privately owned and will be part of the rental cabin collection. 

Act now to reserve an option to purchase your cabin and assure a ground-floor position. 

Strawberry Reservoir and the Resort are only 1½ hours south east from Salt Lake City, Utah.  Strawberry Ranch Mountain Resort is located on Highway 40, just before Mile Post 50.  Turn south onto the road leading to the Soldier Creek Dam, follow the main road 5.6 miles while watching for the Resort’s signs.

Location:  Easy travel time for a weekend, or after work, for many fun filled hours with family and friends.
Location:  Immediate access to 2.8 million acres of the Uinta and Ashley National Forests, just outside your back door.  Fire-up the wheeler and explore until after sundown.
Location:  Sit on the shore and cast a line, cruise along with the waves, catch the wind in your sail, all three short-legged minutes from your front door.
Indulge in the vast prospects that await you.  After all, it is location, location, location!


WELCOME CENTER:  The welcome center will be a great place to meet and greet your family and friends as well as pickup up informational materials about the Resort, surrounding area and scheduled events.

The privately owned rental cabin collection will be built in Phase 1a.  If you desire to rent your cabin for a night, weekend, monthly or for a season,   the Resort’s property management company will take the reservations, check your renter in, and provide cleaning services.  These cabins will have the closest access to the shoreline.
* the resort makes no representation of future income from rental activity


  • Interior Roads will include asphalt, gravel and trails. 

  • Common Area Maintenance will be performed by the Association. 

  • Utilities will be provided by the Strawberry Ranch Special Service District.  Water comes from a deep mountain well, power is a solar grid with backup generators, sewer and propane is distributed through a community system.


    Where is there access to miles of mountain trails, a ji-normous cut-throat trout, and a velvet rack?

    Where does the warmth of a fireplace beckon family and friends as the glow of the flames backdrop fisherman tales or events of the day?

    Where is the weather predicted by the color of the skies, a ring aound the moon, a snow funnel or double rainbows?

    Where do the pelicans glide over glassy water in late fall?

    Where is it still okay to pan-fry trout?

    Where do timphony drums and cymbals present a concert on summer afternoons?

    Where does a beaming face and eyes that twinkle mean a child just saw Bambi?

    Where does laughter rise above the crackle of a campfire canopied by the milky way?

    Where does holding your breath outweigh the adrenalin of a beating heart?

    Where do the words 'forward pony forward' delight the rider whose spurs are clinking with the rythum of the trail?

    Where does the sound of a snowmobile reverberate against the frosty air and turn a stomach upside down with exhilaration?

    Where does pride fill your heart when the song 'This land is your land, this land is my land' becomes a reality?

    Where does a son stand two inches taller while presenting his mother with supper for the table?

    Where do the squeals of daughter mean a worm was just put on a hook?

    Where are memories made that are craddled by your heart forever?

    Call for more information!!!!
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